40.1 F
Marlin, US
Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Toys for Marlin Kids is huge success

A special thanks to The Shrieve Company from Toys for Marlin Kids Receiving toys from The Shrieve Company Receiving toys from The Shrieve Company Michael receiving blankets...

Marlin Fire Department collects for toys for Marlin kids

The Marlin Fire Department shows off their toys that they collected for Toys for Marlin Kids drive.

State Representative Kyle Kacal Suppoprts Toys for Marlin Kids

Michael MaGouirk, Chairperson for Toys for Marlin Kids, accepting a donation from State Representative Kyle Kacal's office.

Marlin Chamber of Commerce 57th Annual Christmas Parade

1st Place : Marlin H.E.B. 1st Place : Marlin H.E.B. 2nd place : Marlin FFA 3rd Place : Mike's Liquor Store
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