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Marlin, US
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Historically Healthy

Marlin has been recognized by the Texas House of Representatives as the official “Mineral Water City of Texas”. The Falls Museum provides history seekers with interesting facts and items regarding Marlin’s rich history in agriculture and as one of the South’s largest health resorts. Marlin’s many social organizations provide community involvement for any interest including the state’s oldest musical club, now in its 107th year.

Remember the Good Old Days

You’ve heard the saying, “Remember the good old days?” Although Marlin is only a short drive from major cities like Waco and Bryan/College Station, Marlin still retains that “Good Old Days” charm. Marlin’s central location in the heart of Texas is perfect for the business professional looking for a quiet “bedroom” community to live and raise a family with a short commute to major cities or the retired couple looking to purchase land for that “dream ranch”.

We’re Business Friendly

For businesses looking to relocate or start fresh, Marlin is a great choice. Just look at a map of Central Texas and you can immediately see the benefits of locating a business in Marlin. Direct access to the Highway 6 corridor (currently being widened to 4 lanes from Waco to Houston) provides quick transportation of goods and materials to major markets like Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio. For a family, Marlin is a great location offering inexpensive land and housing. Retired individuals will find Marlin’s low cost of living a great change from a big city. Add to that the beautiful trees, fantastic climate and wonderful wildlife and you’ve got a great place to call home.

Enjoy the Outdoor Life

Marlin is home to a private country club with a nine-hole golf course and six city parks. Plenty of green space to play with the kids or walk the dog. There are also several major lakes within a 50 mile radius of Marlin.

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