Marlin Designated “Official Mineral Water City of Texas”

76th Texas State Legislature

By: Averitt (Senate Sponsor – Ogden) H.C.R. No. 12

(In the Senate – Received from the House May 11, 1999; May 12, 1999, read first time and referred to Committee on Administration; May 13, 1999, reported favorably by the following vote: Yeas 5, Nays 0; May 13, 1999, sent to printer.)

HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION WHEREAS, The city of Marlin has long been associated with the hot mineral water springs that bubble up from far beneath the Texas soil, and for this reason it is truly appropriate that Marlin be designated as the Official Hot Mineral Water City of Texas; and WHEREAS, The discovery of the springs occurred in 1893, when early residents of this Central Texas town drilled a well while searching for an additional water supply and were instead greeted by a 50-foot-high steaming geyser; and WHEREAS, After overcoming their initial surprise, Marlinites quickly discovered the therapeutic value of that newfound spring, and while the city and its bathhouses and hotels grew around the outflow, Marlin and its hot mineral springs gained recognition as one of the world’s preeminent health resorts; and WHEREAS, The recuperative value of Marlin’s mineral springs is well documented, and whether used for bathing or consumed internally, the health-giving waters have been shown to provide relief from numerous disorders and to help cleanse the body of toxins; and WHEREAS, More recently, Marlin’s citizens have used the steaming springs as an alternative form of energy, harnessing the geothermal discharge and using it as an economical source of power for the city; this latest innovation has not only lessened the reliance on natural gas but has also served as a blueprint for other cities with natural geothermal capability; and WHEREAS, For more than a century, the hot mineral water springs of Marlin have been an integral part of the growth and development of this fine city, and the inextricable link that exists between the two is indeed reason to christen Marlin the Official Hot Mineral Water City of Texas; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the 76th Texas Legislature of the State of Texas hereby designate Marlin as the Official Hot Mineral Water City of Texas and extend sincere best wishes to the residents of this outstanding city; and, be it further RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be prepared for the citizens of Marlin as a token of high regard by the Texas House of Representatives and Senate.